Curriculum Core Subjects

The various Diploma course have certain common core subjects, which are specifically designed to provide the necessary foundation essential for management practice. These core subjects are compulsory for all diploma Courses.

14.2 Subject Sequence and Grouping

1 Subjects may be written in any order convenient to the student subject to the restrictions set below:

2 Where a subject has more than one level, a student must pass or be exempted for the lower level before being allowed to write the higher level. For example, a student must pass or be exempted from Management 1 before being able to enter to write Management 2.

3 Subject grouping must be done with reference to the examination time table. Students may not enter for 2 or more subjects scheduled to be written at the same time on the same day.

4 Students are strongly advised to adhere to the subject sequence set out in the curricula.

It is recommended:

  • Principles of law should be written before corporate law.
  • Communication should be among the first subjects written.
  • Where Public Relations 1 is taken, Communication should be first passed, or taken at the same time.
  • Where Marketing Research is taken, Statistics must be taken first or simultaneously.

5 Should a student register for more than one Certificate or Diploma he or she needs to pass common subjects only once.