Student Affairs

Annual (IAC) Registration

Our academic year is from the 1" January to 31% December and all students must register with the IAC for each year of study, using the official IAC Registration or Re-registration form available on our website or from IAC offices or colleges).


a) Complete an IAC student's registration or re-registration form in full.

b) Submit the form to the IAC, together with the registration fee. If it is registration for the first time, please enclose certified copies of your educational certificates.

c) Your form must reach us before the closing date.

d) As soon as your registration has been processed, a registration confirmation, indicating your IAC student's registration number, will be issued. (Quote this number whenever dealing with the IAC.) or a search fee will be charged if you lose it.

Accounts for re-registration are mailed to students who have completed their first year of study in December each year, together with registration forms for the next academic year.

Students will retain credit for IAC subjects previously passed/exempted for 6 or 8 years, provided they still form part of the relevant curriculum. If the studies/Diploma is not complete within this period, studentship will be withdrawn, compelling the student to start afresh.