Our Membership


Professional requirements for professional membership of the IAC CAN BE OBTAINED IN TWO WAYS:

(a) Passing all the subjects of an IAC Diploma (with or without subject exemptions)


(b) Having a recognized tertiary qualification of at least the same human Sciences Research Council status as an IAC Diploma, with similar subjects, combined with relevant working experience.

According to the applicant's professional status, age and relevant business experience, membership may be granted in one of the following grades:

i. Association membership (AIAC)

ii. Full Membership (MIAC)

iii. Fellow Membership (FIAC)

Membership must be applied for on the prescribed form, Application for professional membership Form, and accompanied by payment of the required election fee and annual subscription.

Once membership has been approved, members are issued with a Membership Certificate. Membership is renewed annually by paying the subscription fee.

For further details about these membership categories, contact the membership Services Co-coordinator at the IAC head office, or the Manager of your nearest IAC office.